The Co-Workers Challenge

The Co-Worker's Challenge: Corporate Team Building

The Co-Workers' Challenge is a hilarious, quick paced, unique corporate program that combines stand-up comedy, motivational speaking with a little bit of "Newlywed Game," and promotes teamwork, leadership, communication and Stress Relief!  It motivates employees and is also a great escape from the stressful world of business. It's funny, clean, and wildly entertaining.  (So it can also be used as "Just Entertainment.")This corporate program combines stand-up comedy, speaking, improvisation, motivation, and crowd participation. Hosted by Scotty Gunther, an award-winning comedian, author, speaker, syndicated radio personality, and four-time GIGMASTER's award-winning top emcee in North America. More than "just a speaker" and more than "just a comedian." It's the best of both!

The Couples' Challenge is also available! 

Scotty hits the stage with comedy, motivation, communication, and leadership  and then teams of co-workers sit on the stage facing away from each other and are asked a series of questions that everyone should know about the people they work with. Teams are asked to write down their answers and if the answers match, points are given. Simple right? WRONG!

It's the perfect addition to your meeting, convention or corporate event for before or after your "serious stuff."


(frequently asked questions)

Q.Will this show fit my event?
A. YES! If you are having a corporate event, convention or business meeting, The Co-Workers Challenge is not just a boring speech, it's a show, PLUS it's an interactive company activity that can be used as corporate stress reliever!  With stress levels in organizations and companies at an all-time high, this isn't always easy to keep spirits up! The Co-workers' Challenge is that necessary "escape" that employees need to laugh, relax, recharge and focus on being productive in the future. (Or it can be used as "Just Entertainment.")

Q. What if my event doesn't consist of co-workers?
A. The great thing about the Challenge is that this show can be tailored to your event. It doesn't matter if you are a group of Chiropractors, Vacuum cleaner salesmen, Pizza makers, or any other profession or group! The participants will have fun, as well as entertaining the audience. There is something for everyone!  This is why the Challenge show  is great for Chamber of commerce events, conferences and any event with a large group of people. We can team up people from the same business, area, or profession.  Teams, business and individuals are showcased during the program. It brings your guests closer.

Q. How far will you travel?
A. No show is too far. We will travel anywhere! With reasonable fees! 

Q. We have seen the Newlywed game, is this show only about relationships and sex and adult themes?
A. NO! This show is NOT the newlywed game! All the comedy in the Co-workers' challenge is clean, tasteful and appropriate for corporate audiences, while still being REALLY funny yet insightful. 

Q. Do we need a lot of room? Is there a large set up?
A. No, this fits any size room or outdoor stage! There is minimum set up, You just need a few chairs and we bring the rest. 

Q. We were looking to hire comedian, magician,or a speaker. Why is this a better option?

A. This show is better than just a comedian because it becomes about your guests. We have Scotty Gunther, a award-winning comedian, speaker, author and syndicated radio personality hosting the show, so there are a ton of jokes and bits while your guests become stars of this show and provide "one of a kind" content. It's just more interactive and exciting than a comedian standing on stage talking about himself, or a magician doing silly magic tricks people have seen a million times!

Q. What types of events are a perfect fit for the Co-workers' Challenge?  
A. The Challenge shows has countless options and many applications. If your event is "work related" in any way, the Co-Workers' Challenge is your best bet. It can be used as a keynote, workshop or  main stage at your convention, meeting, or Holiday party. It can be tailored to fit your company's message and mission statement, it can be used as a motivational or keynote speaker. The Co-workers' Challenge is perfect for your next business meeting or retreat as a team building exercise or as a much needed break from a long day of sitting in seminars. The Co-workers' Challenge is the most versatile form of business/corporate entertainment available today! If your event is something other than "work related" The Couple's challenge is your choice!

The Co-workers' Challenge was voted the #1 Corporate program by a group of large market broadcast professionals.




The Couples Challenge! If you are having a social event, The Couples' Challenge fits the bill.

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