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There are several versions and flavors of shows and  programs offered... 

Show Business Is YO' Business -

Whether you know it or not, if you are in business... you ARE in show business and that means every employee is a performer! 

Show Business Is YO' Business -  Is a  combination of clean stand-up comedy with a rare insightful look behind the curtain.  This show is unique because Scotty performs and then break down the choices he made and relate it back to your business and how to use live performer techniques to boost employee personal performance, communication, professionalism and customer service in any business.  

We touch on the same approach comedians, speakers and actors use to emotionally connect to audiences and fans around the world.

We are all performing all the time and Show Business Is YO' Business will help everyone in all forms of business consciously make great decisions, find your  performance style, hone your act and get standing ovations from your customers and co-workers!  


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Co-Workers' Challenge

The Co-Workers' Challenge can be used as a keynote, workshop or main stage at your convention, meeting, or Holiday party. It can be tailored to fit your company's message and mission statement. It can be used as a motivational or keynote speaker or even as "just entertainment." The Co-workers' Challenge is perfect for your next business meeting or retreat as a team building exercise or as a much needed break from a long day of sitting in seminars.




Let's laugh, get motivated, inspired, pumped up, feel great, and relax with Relaughsation! Stress and anxiety is a major cause of lack of productivity, motivation, workplace problems, health & wellness, communication issues, and "just a general lack of team pride and spirit!” During this tough economic downturn, uncertainty, long work hours, multitasking and social media, it's important to manage stress and get relief from anger, frustration, depression and anxiety!



The Couples' Challenge

The Couples' Challenge: If you are looking for entertainment for a social event, this is the version you want! How well do you think you know someone? We'll find out during the Couples' Challenge! The Couple's Challenge is hilarious, quick paced, unique, clean comedy show that combines relationship stand-up comedy with a little bit of the "Newlywed game" and a lot of crowd participation. It's fun, and clean but wildly entertaining.


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