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Scotty Gunther's 25-year overnight success story is an ongoing journey. Born in Michigan, Scotty Gunther is a humorist, comedian, author, speaker, emcee, and award-winning syndicated radio host. His unique combination of original voice, ability to connect, improvisation, innovation, and an authentic view on relationships and life has captured the attention of audiences throughout the U.S. 

On the radio, Scotty Gunther is hilarious yet insightful and can be heard giving humorous and ridiculous relationship advice. Scotty had the highest (age 18-34) rated top-40 afternoon show in the country before leaving to concentrate on his live performance. Now he can be heard on his "Funny Feelings" with Scotty Gunther Podcast featured on iHeartRadio on My Skating Podcast, and every Monday-Friday 3pm to 6pm on 107.9 CDY in Michigan!


Scotty has written six books, and his viewpoint has been featured in national self-help magazines and newspapers throughout the US. On stage Scotty Gunther has performed at more than 2,500 colleges, corporations, conferences and private shows. He was named the Top Emcee in North America for 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 by  Scotty can be seen performing his highly sought after program: The Co-Workers' Challenge at corporate events and conferences across the country. 



Quick Scotty Gunther Fun Facts:

  • Scotty grew up in Michigan.
  • Is the  baby of the family and has two older siblings.
  • He was a professional break-dancer in his teens.
  • Was roller skating waiter at a 50's and 60's themed restaurant in the 90s.  
  • Worked as costumed mascot for a semi-pro hockey team. (Yeah, he was a mas-scotty!)
  • Is an award winning artist. (has actually sold his paintings and drawings)  
  • Boxing ring announcer and worked with Mr-T,  (I pity the fool) Emceeing original "Toughman contests" throughout the US.
  • With the help from Spell-check Scotty is the author of 6 books.
  • Caught and released the 2nd largest largemouth bass in the state of Michigan in 2002.
  • Addicted to fitness and works out....a lot.
  • Is allergic to all grain! (can't eat, eggs, corn, wheat, rice, oats, yeast.)
  • Bungee jumped wearing a chicken suit.
  • Lives in the woods, and talks to himself way more than he should.
  • Obsessed with cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood. 
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